Full Dropshipping Accelerated Program

$497.00 USD

You'll Get:

• The Full Dropshipping Program: Step by Step Video Modules Going From A-Z Covering TikTok & Facebook Strategies ($5000 Value)

• Product Vault: Daily Winning Product Vault With Suggested Daily Winning Products ($1000 Value)

• Private Inner Circle: Facebook Group With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs ($4000 Value)

• Lifetime Access To The Course, Product Vault & Group. (*Invaluable*)

$10,000 Total Value


Really impressed with the no BS approach of this course. It covers all bases and includes programs that can be followed by anyone. The course highlighted some mistakes I had made previously with dropshipping & e-commerce overall which was extremely helpful.

Meelad Z.

Made a 200€ the month before but after applying info in the course was able to achieve the 14,000€ so far this month.

Reza S.

I've been dropshipping for around 2 in a half years now and caught my first product after 2 years. With Sharifs method you should realistically be able to find a winning product in 1 week. You just need to take it through that criteria and validate.

Mike A.

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